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Important Information
Our HomeTroller Series 6 home automation controller combines the reliability and simplicity of a panel-type controller with the power and flexibility of a software-based controller! No other hardware controller offers voice recognition, complete telephone integration, text to speech processing, email functionality and full SSL protected remote access!

Web Based Management
The system is managed using any web browser. This allows for easy configuration on or off site. Remote access to the unit offers the ability to remotely manage the unit without making a trip to the site. Easily add/change schedules, or troubleshoot issues.

Energy Efficiency
HomeTroller is very energy efficient, consuming less than 15 watts of power under normal operation!

Power Event System
HomeTroller S6 includes a powerful event system that supports unlimited triggers, condiitions and actions. Event creation is menu driven and actions may be easily reorganized with a simple drag and drop operation..


39.900.000 VNĐ

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